Hikvision AX PRO

As E DIS (UK) Ltd are a Hikvision authorised sub-distributor we can sell AX PRO Hikvisions own intrusive wireless alarm system, the AX PRO is completely app-driven, featuring a wide range of on-demand products.

Some of the AX PRO key benefits are:

  • Detectors that prevent intrusion from the very start
  • Real-time video clips, powered by Hikvision’s IVaaS technology
  • Easy operation using Hikvisions Hik-Connect and Hik-ProConnect apps
  • Motion detectors (with built-in camera), smoke sensors, keyfobs, alarm kit bundles, and more…

For more details on the AX PRO products available please visit our products page, we also offer free next day delivery on orders over £500.* Visit our YouTube channel for more information on setting up your AX PRO device via the Hik-Connect app. https://bit.ly/33H6jUc

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